Sunday, July 05, 2015

Summer of Color week 4

Summer of color week 4
Colors are red + red + metallic.

These were tough colors to work with, but still a fun challenge.

I used true red, rose red and metallic gold acrylics.
I had a small problem, that the rose red was much more transparent than the true red, so when I blended, the true red took over.
Then to incorporate a 2nd red, I added black, which made it too dark of a red for what I wanted and the rose red wouldn't cover it.

It's difficult to photograph metallic in a painting.  I had to get the sun to hit it just right without getting too much glare.  A challenge in itself.


Sharon Fritchman said...

Your painting is absolutely beautiful. I love how you used this week's SOC colors!

Linda Kunsman said...

this turned out beautifully-I love the theme of this piece-and you worked the colors wonderfully!

Kristin said...


Lorraine said...

I was going to say - almost like a Phoenix. Such a beauty.