Monday, November 28, 2011

Here's is what keeps me up at night

When I'm ready to wind down and relax for the day, usually around 8:30 or 9:00, I turn the TV on and knit.

We usually watch either Turner Classic Movies or the Cooking channel, but now that we're in the holiday season, I've been turning to the Hallmark channel to watch all the Christmas shows.

Here is my WIP.  I'm knitting a hat in the round.  It's so easy because when it's in the round, all knitted rows turn into stocking net without 1 purl row.  Love it!

The beige and brown band is a wool blend and the blue yarn is a soft mohair blend.

This will turn into a cap.  I want to knit a flower for it which is something I haven't tried yet, but this design is so simple, a flower will be the perfect accessory.

My clearance sale is going full steam, check out what I have left in my etsy shop.  All my jewelry is marked 25% off to make room for the new year.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Completed my first cowl

 Cowl are very popular this year.
Here is my first cowl.  It was very easy and fast to make.
It is knitted in the round, lengthwise.  Some rows I knitted and some rows I purled.

I used angel hair yarn which is very soft on my neck.  I love the blend of beige, white and blue.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jewelry I've been working on

I'm making some new jewelry designs that I will place into my Etsy studio soon.

I'm having an Inventory Clearance sale first. 
I have marked all my jewelry 25% off.

I've been having fun with a new bracelet format that I haven't used before.
I'm working on my third color series.
The way the bracelet is worn changes the look of the bracelet.

If you keep the pretty magnetic clasp on top the bracelet becomes two toned.
If you keep the magnetic clasp on the bottom, the sparkly side sits on top and looks like a one style bangle. 
if it spins on your wrist it's all fun, all changing. :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Bead Soup Party !

Lori Anderson at Pretty Things is hosting another Bead Soup Party in January.
I hope I get picked in the lottery to join in!

During the registration dates, you'll enter your information into a registration form. When registration closes, a random number generator will pick the group of people. No more than 200 people will be able to participate.

If you want more details go HERE.