Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011 !


 There is so much going on here in blogland.  I've been having a blast going to parties and trick or treating through the blogs. 

**Frosted Petunias is having a Witches Tea Party under a Halloween Moon
Here are some favorite visits I had at the Tea Party.  If you only have a short time for blog hopping, go to the starred ones first.
Beneath the Witches Moon
Blessed Bee   **
FaerieMoonCreations **
Green Witch with Sprinkles
I Heart the Goddess
Incipient Wings
Life in my Studio
Magic Gypsy
Moments in an Eye **
A Fanciful Twist **
Gingerbread Crumbs & Company **
Rinni's Playground **
Hint Jewelry
Tabby's Place
The Charm of Home
House in Roses **

If you haven't met my princess before, this is my kitty Sly

Sly wants to tell everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween and be especially kind to all black cats.

Back to work


Victoria said...

Beautiful post..your kitty is adorably gorgeous!

Mina said...

Sly is absolutely gorgeous and I see she has the same "job" as my own black cat. ;-)