Friday, September 09, 2011


We went to the Octoberfest last weekend.
I have to admit, I drank one too many beers and didn't feel very well the next day.
I was having so much fun, I didn't realize I was drinking too much.

They have this human german clock that goes off every hour and the humans go around and do skits and dances.  Then they throw out prizes.  We got a t-shirt last year.
  We were under the big tent listening to the World Famous Cleveland POPS Orchestra and it started pouring rain.
So we started chatting it up with the people around us and every once in awhile someone would run out into the rain and bring back more beer.......

 We finally made it to the big hall and listened to a great band called the Stone Ponies... and it kept raining but we didn't seem to mind.  


We finally had to walk to our car in the rain, but by that time, I didn't care if I was getting wet. lol.  (I wasn't driving)

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