Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taqueria Junction - the good, the bad and the ugly

We have a new restaurant in our town.  We watched and waited while the building was remodeled anxiously waiting and hoping that Taqueria had something to do with tequila.
and we were right !   This is the back wall of the bar  - lighted up with tequila !
it's a beautiful thing.

The little buzz I get when drinking tequila is very different from gin or rum - a mellow kind of buzz.  as long as I don't drink too much of it :)

There's just once small problem with the restaurant management.
They don't see the problem with charging $8 for a cocktail with only 1 ounce of alcohol and yet have the nerve to serve salsa and chips in a paper bag and plastic cup with a lid.  There were 3 of us couples sitting at the bar - total strangers - the other couples ordered the snacks.  When the paper bags were thrown in front of them, we were shocked and began discussing it together.
One of the couples called over the manager to advise them how insulting it was to be served like this.  He said they want to serve at a neighborhood level and keep it casual.
One of them was having mussels and asked for a roll to go with them and was told they don't give out rolls with the mussels.  He quietly kept eating, but there is one less customer.  

I can tell the Taqueria Junction that from past history, if the neighborhood isn't treated nicely, we will stop showing up.  Put the chips and salsa in a bowl - or drop your drink prices down to the paper bag level, otherwise, the customers willing to pay the $8 will stop coming and the customers willing to accept a paper bag will not pay $8 for a drink.

The first night we ate at Taqueria Junction, the food was delicious.  So we went back the following Friday night for dinner.   Our dinner came out cold - for this time, we chalked it down to an extremely busy night.  We plan on giving them another chance during the week when it won't be so busy.

I sure hope they do a better job when we come back.

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Her Speak said...

You guys sound pretty patient to me--I would think one night of wasting my money and crummy service would be enough. Let's hope they get their duckies in a row!