Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cinco di May and Alice and her Cinco kittens

We have a couple of stray cats that have adopted us.  We used to feed them outside until the food started attracting other critters - possum, skunk etc.  We taught the strays how to use the cat flap to come indoors to eat and they now come in every day for a meal.

Gary made cat condo's out of wood for them to use outside so they could stay warm and dry in the winter.

We named the girl Alice and she had her kittens (5 kittens!) inside one of the condo's on Tuesday. 
Gary, being the 'plan ahead' guy that he is, fixed up a huge cardboard box that Alice might use.  He put in bedding and towels and cut big holes in for airflow.

Yesterday, she started to bring the newborn's inside, so Gary helped her bring the rest of them in and put them in the ready to use box.  The kittens are mostly black so it's hard to see them nursing.
Being an almost feral cat, Alice usually ate and left.  She looks very comfortable and content right now. :)
and her babies are safe for now.  Until she decides to move them.  I'm hoping she keeps them indoors.

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