Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yummy dinner... but

I had a great dinner at one of our favorite places - The Cornerstone Brewery.

It was Stuffed Flounder with steamed veggies and rice.
The veggies were wonderful - slightly steamed - still crispy - just the way I like them.
The brown rice was perfectly cooked.
The flounder was EXCELLENT - I expected it to be layed out flat and stuffed, but it was rolled up in a pretty ball.

There is a downfall to rolling fish - the outside is cooked to perfection.  When I got to the center it was still too raw for me - which kind of grossed me out.  (do people even say that anymore?)   so I took it home.

It cooked up very nicely for dinner anyway, I just wished I could have eaten it in one sitting - it was that good.

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