Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Many Blogs Are There?

While wandering through all the bloggers that have joined in the One World One Heart Event, I became facsinated by how many bloggers there are.

Think of it. this one event drew 800+ bloggers.  Each one of those bloggers knows of 10 - 100 other bloggers - of those bloggers, they know 10 - 100 other bloggers.  My mind became boggled with bloggers.
 Through this event I became aware of an art style I had not heard of before.  Art Dolls.  There is another whole world out there of Art Doll creators and their blogs and their bloggy friends.  And that's just one new art style -what else is out there.

It's fascinating I tell you..... just fascinating.
here are a few new ones from my Sunday morning blog hopping

Cherry's Jubilee
Ella in da Coop
Melinda's Fabric Fancies

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