Monday, February 21, 2011

An Extra Day Off

I love, love, love getting an extra day off.  Three day weekends are the best.
I didn't do anything spectacular.  Cleaned the house --

I sometimes wonder if I'm the only person who washes dishes as much as I do.   Almost every night I have a pile of hand washed dishes drying in my sink.  I don't like to put big things in my dishwasher, I don't believe they'll get clean enough or rinsed enough.  (think I picked that little OCD from my mom).  So there is always tons to wash -- bowls, plastic items or blenders or the food processor pieces, or pots and pans.

We had a loud ice storm last night, I know it's not good for the trees, but ice covered branches have such a magical look to them.
I also managed to take time to play with my beads and finished a March bracelet for my Etsy shop.

Since I started knitting, I have become fascinated with the world of stitch markers.  I made of bunch of them for the tables my Knitting Guild set up to sell at our local Arts Fest.  I also sold a bunch to my knitting group.  So I thought, why not add some to my Etsy site.  I photographed a few today and plan to post them to the shop sometime this week.

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Sara said...

My sink looks like that too - I always have a ton of dishes...

Love the stitch markers - they are very pretty.