Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Here we are celebrating a toast to 2011 at a local Moosehead restaurant.

My goals for 2011
Celebrate at my daughter's wedding
Welcome my daughter's new husband into the family and love him like a son

Eat a lot healthier - more wholesome raw foods
Exercise a lot more - everyday would be great but I'll settle for 4-5 days/week
   work up to running 6 miles again - I felt at my best when I did this regularly.

Blog more - I feel more connected to the world when I do

win big, big, big $$$$$ with the Lottery - yes, it's a valid goal :)

Read / listen to 52 books and review them
 - I've joined 9 different book challenges to stay motivated

Be more active on my Etsy site
- make and sell more jewelry that I enjoy making and wearing

Take more photos

Laugh more / relax more
- enjoy life while I can - stop and smell the roses


Sara said...

Now I like your goals - I'm going to do a lot of the same - including just enjoying life!!!

Let't see how we do with the 52 books - and with my other book challenge of Reading from my shelves - and getting rid of them after!

Samantha said...

Great goals! Happy 2011 :)