Thursday, December 09, 2010

Chick Lit Challenge (#6)

It may sound like I'm signing up for waaaayy to many reading challenges, but since I can use cross-overs for the audio challenge and Where are you Reading challenge, I'm really only up to 25 books and my goal is 52 books for next year. 

So here is Challenge #6 for me. - Read 8 Chick Lit books (not a hardship for me)  :)

Read at least 8 books of the chick lit variety. What qualifies for chick lit? Books like Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series, Red Ink Press books, authors like Jane Green or Whitney Lyles, etc. These are the mostly fluff, fun-to-read, brain candy type of books. This challenge runs from January 1 thru December 31, 2011. You can make your list ahead of time of the books you want to read or just list them as you go along. To sign up, leave a comment on this post.

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