Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Etsy Discount

Etsy has introduced a new way to offer discounts. 

For this weekend through to Cyber Monday midnight, all my jewelry items are automatically discounted 20% off through the magic of Etsy discounts.

My jewelry items are one of a kind, so if there's something you love, don't wait.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Etsy Offering - COUPON Code

I've been selected by Etsy to try out their new pilot program.  Etsy has created a way for us to offer discounts to our customers using Coupon codes. 

For the remainder of the month I am offering a 10% discount on all my Etsy items - even my items that have been marked for FREE SHIPPING.

Simply type BLKFRIDAY10 during the checkout/payment process when you see the coupon code box.

Click on one of my Etsy items to the right to see all my jewelry I've created for you and all your friends.  Perfect for gift giving.

Cheers to a great weekend



I love weekends.  Friday night we made a great chicken and vegetable soup – first we chop a ton of veggies, then add the chicken and brothDSC01269DSC01270 

I took the day off on Friday and played with my knitting and beading for 3 days.  It was like a great vacation.

I found a great wine that I managed to polish off in 2 nights! DSC01271

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Food Network Show in town

Ann, Mike and I went the to food network show yesterday.  We had a lot of fun together – this was something I’ve always wanted to attend and Ann bought the tkts for my birthday gift Smile  She’s such a sweetie!

This was the craziest cake on display.  It was huge, that’s Ann behind it.  The baker said it took over 80 hrs and would cost about $4500 retail if made for someone.  cake

They had some Gingerbread houses on display too, this was my fav house2

look at the detailing!


There were lots of samples to taste, but most were so tiny, we ended up having to buy something to eat.  

Of course we had to make a stop at the wine and beer sampling winetaste

With the cost of the tkt we could see one show with a food network star.  Due to our timing there we saw Guy Fieri – he’s a very good entertainer. It was fun – even if we didn’t learn much about cooking.guy1

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Party !

Daughter Ann finally got her fav movie DVD – Sex and the City 2 so she had a party to celebrate.  We had Cosmos (since I’m allergic to vodka, I made a gin Cosmo and it really tasted good!).  We had all kinds of yummy food to eat while we watched the movie.  Hummus & pita, shrimp cocktail & sushi and Cosmo cupcakes for dessert!  The movie was fun to watch with the group but there was so much talking I’ll have to see it again and pay attention.