Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wondering Where I've Been Lately ?

I've been swallowed up by the Internet.  I wax and wane over the WWW.  Sometimes I can go for days and not open my computer but MOST of the time, I'm caught in the fascination of the whole world out there.

I've been sucked into the land of Etsy.  Amazed at the all the wonderful creations that so many artists can come up with.  It's better than going to the mall - there are so many gifted people out there that I get overwhelmed but can't stop looking at all the pictures.
LOOK - here's one example  - you don't have to buy a thing - but look at the artistry and colors and textures ....
Treasury of Tea and Cakes

see what I mean?   did you click on any of the pictures?  then I go back to the Treasury list and find something else that piques(sp?) my interest.

or how about this...  I follow a lot of blogs and they are ALL interesting.
This morning I just meant to take a quick peek at my Etsy site to see what sold then I hopped over to check on the blogs I follow and got sucked in.
First was Bright, Bold and Beautiful.  If you've never stopped by this blog, try it - the photography is fantastic. 

of course I did a very quick facebook check to see how family and friends are doing.
So by now I'm an hour into the morning, my coffee is cold and I haven't even had breakfast.  My housework is calling and I turn a deaf ear.  The only thing I stop for is to feed my cat who won't stop her insistent yowling to tell me how hungry she is.


Pretty Things said...

I have to almost physically restrain myself from going into Etsy sometimes!

And how are you liking Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol"?

Diana said...

I finally finished the Lost Symbol. It was almost too violent for me. I expected more adventure and clue finding than the violence portrayed. I wonder if anyone else had the same experience as I did.

Lynn said...

Oh Diana! I know just what you mean!! One thing leads to the next and then the next and then the next .....