Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
My eighty-{{cough}} year old mother still hasn't stopped surprising me.  So far this year, she has got engaged and now recently has joined 'Facebook'.  She'll soon have more friends than me on facebook!  lol.
Well, I say.. you go girl !  I hope I'm as active as you are when I reach eighty-{{cough}} !
Here's to you Mom...  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

My darling Daughter, my BFF, is taking me out to brunch today.  I enjoy every moment I can spend with her and I'm looking forward to spending today with her.

Laura over at Bright, Bold and Beautiful listed one of my Etsy pieces on her blog, so I stopped over and found Laura's artwork is absolutely stunning!  Stop by and take a look - her watercolors will make a wonderful gift for everyone.

Here's some fun Sunday morning blog-hopping.

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Janet said...

Happy Mother's Day, Diana! Your mother is an inspiration for us all!

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely speechless when I got an email saying "Rita V. wants to be friends with you" !!!!
And you're right....soon she'll have more friends than both of us put together :) Sounds like you and Ann had a wonderful Mother's Day, so glad!
Love, A.M.