Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking the Neighborhood

One of my favorite walks in the neighborhood is past the house that has the lighthouse.
This is actually a miniature lighthouse with a lake and boat - isn't it fun!

next door to the lighthouse are the prettiest tulips in another peaceful setting.
I love tulips.

It's been raining last night and today so I'm happy I got out and walked yesterday and took my photos before mother nature started her wash.

By the time she is finished with us this week, most of the blossoms on the trees will be washed off by the rain.
such is life...


Janet said...

The little lighthouse is so cute....maybe the owners dream of living along the shore. And all the flowers and blossoms look so pretty. I hope the rain didn't get them all.

Anonymous said...

Di, Great shot of the bright pink cherry? blossoms!! And the lighthouse is adorable...I've always wanted to spend a night or two in a real lighthouse, maybe in Maine. So many things to do!
Love, A.M.

Pretty Things said...