Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bloomin' Sunday

We had a great Sunday today.  It was so gorgeous out this morning I actually got G out the door for a walk!

I took lots of photos of everything blooming in our neighborhood. 
Our trees are almost done blooming, the tulips are doing their best to hang on.
I took so many photos that I've decided to share them throughout the week instead of overwhelming today's blog with all of them.
So stop by during the week and follow along the yellow petalled sidewalk

as you see my neighborhood through the flowers that grow here.
I've got pictures from the pretty white trees

to bright, prolific and sadly misunderstood dandilion.

After that refreshing walk, we felt so energized and healthy,
we went to the Mustard Seed Market
in a nearby town for a great selection of organic food.  I even found a red wine that is sulfite free and organic.  I hope it tastes good too.  I'll share the bottle with you, when I open it. :)

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