Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ahhh, the weekend

I love weekends.

We actually have plans for this weekend.  G and I are going to the Great Lakes Science Center.  He loves astronomy and the IMAX Theater at the Science Center has a movie about the Hubbard Space shuttle .. or something like that.
I'll make a fun day of it, the Science Center is very cool.

I made another bracelet I'm very excited about.  I love bouncy charm bracelets.  They jiggle and wiggle with lots of color.  I'm calling this one My Flower Garden because I've added some gorgeous yellow and blue flowers to the mix.
I'm putting this one on my Etsy page too.  Here it is...

I'm currently reading 'Mozart's Ghost'.  It's a fun chic-lit.  The only gripe is the main character is a bit too cranky/moody for me.  I just want to tell her to lighten up a bit. Otherwise, it's a fun story.

Another book that I got from the library is 'The Kind Diet' - it's basically Vegan which I find impossible to follow for myself mainly because of all the food preparation involved.  I love the recipes and all the food that is used, I just find it too time consuming.  I'd rather be beading. LOL!


Janet said...

Have fun at the Science Center. My hubby would love that.

Love the looks like spring time!

I saw that diet book on Oprah and it looked interesting but I'm like just looked like a lot of work plus I hate to cook.

Pretty Things said...

My son LOVES the IMAX theater!