Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Denise's Daily Dozen - Days 2 & 3

my muscles are aching today! I walked a mile for a warm up today.  Feeling full of energy, I did some extra workouts yesterday for Day 2 using hand weights and doing extra lunges.  I could barely walk down the stairs this morning -- I am so sore.   So I am definitely working muscles that I forgot I owned.  

Today, Day 3, I walked for 1/2 hr - I figure that's 2 miles since I'm not a real fast walker.  Denise wants us to walk 12 miles / week, so I've got 5 miles done so far.
With aching muscles I struggled through today's Cardio blast - it's a kickboxing routine and kicked my butt.  I like these aerobic routines better than the muscles workouts - I guess that's because my muscles are soooo weak, as demonstrated by my total soreness today.

I miss my glass of wine but Denise says to give up alcohol for the first week - at the very least. 
I made myself reminder bracelets so I remember to drink 8 glasses of water/day.  I made 4 stretchy bracelets of white seed beads and they start out on my right hand.  Every time I drink 8 oz of water one bracelet is moved to my left hand.  When I have all 4 bracelets on my left hand I start moving them back to the right hand.
When all 4 are back on the right hand, I know I drank 8 glass of water! 

The weather is warming up - we nearly hit 60 F today and the snow is melting fast.
Hopefully it will stay warm this weekend and I can get out for a slow jog.  I'm looking forward to being out in the sun again.


Melinda Cornish said...

keep up with the gets easier and I love the bracelet idea.....Good for you! melinda

Sharon said...

Just had to say how cool your reminder bracelets are. Good luck with you endevor.

Jenny Fowler said...

What a fantastic idea!! I have a hard time remembering that as well!! :)

Jenny Fowler said...

Oh, another thought. I see your seafoam rose earrings from where I am typing right now and they are beautiful!! Too bad my skin flares up from most jewelry. You aren't able to make those posts in 925 sterling silver are you?

Sandra said...

Diana, I love your idea of the bracelets, I need something like that!! I am doing weight watchers and that is my hardest part is always remembering to drink 8 glasses of water!! Love your photos, very pretty! Keep up the great work!