Thursday, March 04, 2010

Daily dozen - Day Minus 4 : Jump Start

I'm starting to work my way through Denise Austin's Daily dozen, her plan actually starts us out on a Monday and since I'm ready to start and it's Thursday, the book says if we want to start before Monday, then when Monday rolls around start at Day 1, Week 1 and redo the days you've done.  get it, got it.

The workout for Thursday, week 1, targets upper body and abs.
I couldn't finish them all in the 12 minutes planned out.  I used my kitchen timer which can be used to count up.  All the workouts are hard, but you only have to do each one for 1 min or less, most are 30 seconds.
Sounds easy ?  it's not.  by the time I finished all the exercises I was soaked in sweat !!
Some exercises I couldn't even start, some I couldn't complete.  It was a hard workout!

I also walked for 30 minutes today to get some cardio in.

Following the food plan Denise suggests will be easy.  the food plan for today was good and filling.  the recipes easy to follow.  there is plenty of food.  I had 3 fruits, lots of veggies and enough protein.   the only thing missing was my glass of wine with dinner.  (maybe on the weekend)  :)

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