Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hello 2010

I started the new decade a bit differently this year and found that there are a lot of people with nothing to do on the 1st of January.
I went shopping for new clothes for work.  Dillards had a 50% off sale for items that were already marked down.  So I purchased some beautiful pants and tops that I wouldn't normally buy.  $60 pants marked down to $40, I purchased for $20!!!  $40 tops for $10 - $15 !!!  The store was PACKED with people.  I bought 4 pants and 8 tops.  Now I can toss out some very worn out clothes and merge the new ones in with my usable ones and I'm good to go.  I don't plan on buying any work clothes for the rest of the year !! woohoo.

Today, I plan to play with my beads but as I approached my table I saw I had work to before play.

My actual 'work' area has been reduced to a very small square.  I'm going to have to clear off my table to start the new year off right.

Did you notice I have a new addition to my table guardians.  My crow now has a friend.

Two crows are better than one I always say.  They love to watch me play and take guard over all my shiny, sparkly beads.

My clay table isn't as messy, but I'll work on that too this weekend.

I've got lots of ideas for fun jewelry pieces.  I'm loaded with inspiration and creativity.  Now if only I can actually get my pieces to look like what I envision.  I know, practice, practice, practice.

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Janet said...

I have the same problem in my studio area. But I don't have two wonderful crow friends to watch over me!! Love those!