Sunday, November 01, 2009

Behind the Times

I just spent the weekend visiting folks in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We stayed at a hotel that was so far behind the times the rooms did not have any internet service ! I was shocked that I couldn't play with my laptop while sitting in my hotel room.

So now all my photo's are behind schedule but I still wanted to put some up because they are just fun. So Happy Halloween Everyone!
I didn't even have time to show my birthday celebration before we blasted off for our visit.
I hit a big number this year *55* and it started off fun with a lunch at one of my favorite restaurants 'Clementines'. Here we are having lunch and that great dessert showing at the top.
My daughter and I then spent the afternoon shopping. Later, the three of us went to a new concept restaurant for dinner. Called Steak on a Stone. A huge hunk of steak is brought to your table 'RAW' and it's sizzling on a 750 degree stone so you cook it one slice at a time. it was fun and different.

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