Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waking Up

We made it to 70 degrees and SUNNY yesterday. FINALLY !!
I was so energized by sunshine that I washed the patio door and all the windows in and out on the back of the house. Then we kept the windows open all day and aired out the house.
My first tulips have opened. I really like that later tulips . But I didn't say it out loud - don't want to hurt their feelings. I like the great big tulip heads that have rounded edges. the traditional ones. I've decided White and Pink are my absolute favs.

I didn't jog like I should have since I plan on running a 5K on June 6 - that kind of slipped my mind. I used to have a lot more motivation to exercise when I was younger. I wonder if it's a vitamin deficiency or hormones hhhhmmmm. I'm mentally working on it - I WILL run that 5K.
I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love it - but health wise I've read it's not that good for me. I stopped drinking it for awhile and had an awful withdrawal headache. it can't be good if it causes withdrawal symptoms right??? So my plan is to drink less and enjoy it more. I'm starting a search for the BEST tasting coffee. Quality vs quantity, since I'll be drinking less, I'll be able to afford better coffee. And I truly believe you get what you pay for, even when its coffee. I'm finishing up my 8 O'clock which is pretty good, but I plan to purchase organic/free trade from now on.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Tulips! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

Lisa Oceandreamer said...

Hi Diana, I haven't commented in a very long time! I always mean to! You're still running eh? I am in awe of that as if I had to run even to my car I'd fall over. ha!
There is nothing like a good cup of coffee is there? I don't drink but MAYBE 2 cups a day sometimes 1 1/2.....I think it's better to savor that perfect cup of great coffee over sipping coffee many times a day.
I hope you find some great stuff.
And good luck with the 5K!

Building a house said...

OMG!!! Those tulips are so beautiful. Wow!!! They look so healthy.

Anonymous said...

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