Monday, March 02, 2009

Not quite ready for 3D

There is a new 3D movie out now. We went to see it and had more fun wearing the glasses than understanding the movie.
3D at the theater has come a long way from the first movies that came out when we wore the paper glasses.

Having things pop out of the screen at us is a lot of fun, but it's so much better when the movie makes sense. We had more fun goofing off then we did watching the movie. I wanted to love the movie but the story line kept losing ground. So I just enjoyed the graphics instead. Here is a perfect example of ADD - Adult Deficit Disorder :)A couple days later, we were still in the mood for 3D and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth - home version - it comes equipped with its own paper 3d glasses. It was an excellent book so the movie turned out to be very entertaining, but the paper glasses made the movie too fuzzy. We tried the glasses from the movie theater but they didn't work with the home version movie. Oh well, we still manage to have a good time together anyway.I'll be in line at the theater for the next 3D - hopefully it will be all I could hope for.

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Julie said...

I remember those days from the 50s! Good thing we couldn't see ourselves wearing the 3-D glasses!