Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring TIME

Time for growth. How do those little plants know it's time to start growing - all that cold and snow we had didn't mess up their internal calendars. It never ceases to amaze me.

I finished my setting up my studio. I added a bookshelf to get everything off the floor and a bit more organized. It feels great.
here are a couple BEFORE picures - pure Chaos:

My AFTER picture is a bit more Serene:

Here is what has been keeping me busy. Still playing with polymer clay. I've used a texture sheet with mica powder - there is so much to learn! I've already glazed my bright red hearts and they are ready to use.Sunday morning blog hopping:

Confessions of a Plate Addict ** she has a beautiful Mardi Gras tablescape
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Monday, March 02, 2009

Not quite ready for 3D

There is a new 3D movie out now. We went to see it and had more fun wearing the glasses than understanding the movie.
3D at the theater has come a long way from the first movies that came out when we wore the paper glasses.

Having things pop out of the screen at us is a lot of fun, but it's so much better when the movie makes sense. We had more fun goofing off then we did watching the movie. I wanted to love the movie but the story line kept losing ground. So I just enjoyed the graphics instead. Here is a perfect example of ADD - Adult Deficit Disorder :)A couple days later, we were still in the mood for 3D and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth - home version - it comes equipped with its own paper 3d glasses. It was an excellent book so the movie turned out to be very entertaining, but the paper glasses made the movie too fuzzy. We tried the glasses from the movie theater but they didn't work with the home version movie. Oh well, we still manage to have a good time together anyway.I'll be in line at the theater for the next 3D - hopefully it will be all I could hope for.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I just found out I won a Heart Quiltie from Java's Whimsy in her One World One Heart drawing.
I have a lot to learn about polymer clay. I spent an hour just trying to roll it and cut it into a symmetrical shape then I ruined it when I baked it. See all the bubbles - they aren't supposed to be there. :( I have a tiny toaster oven and I can't control the heat very well on it.

Here's some photo's from our bake sale. We had 2 more tables on the other side of the hallway also filled with yummies. There was so much support. Many, many wonderful bakers dropped off goodies for us and many more bought them all. We had this during the high school basketball games on Friday night. Many showed up in ORANGE to support our cause. All proceeds from our bakesale go to the Leader Light Foundation.
Our next event is a 5K run on June 6. As soon as my foot heals our start training for it.

Sunday morning scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion and Franks hot sauce, OJ and coffee.
Join me for some Sunday morning blog-hopping.
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