Sunday, February 08, 2009

Secret # 5 - Committing to Self Focus

This chapter discusses the difference between narcissist self-love and a love of self in terms of selfishness. We aren't narcissist to take time for ourselves time for creativity - the key word identified is excessive - that's when it becomes narcissist. Being self-indulgent with our creativity does not make us irresponsible.

If I'm not working, I make sure we eat, clean and I share down time with my family, but in doing so I spend less and less time with my jewelry making. I haven't sat down for any good creative time since before Christmas. This chapter opened my eyes to see it's time to allow myself some self-focus. I need to understand and accept that I am not letting my family down because I enjoy

Secret #5 tells us that caring for everyone else and putting ourself second doesn't make us perfect. Giving all our time to family, friends and household with no time left for our creative selves blocks and stops our creative flow. That doesn't make us better. Taking the time to do what gives us joy will ultimately manifest more energy in ourselves.

We shouldn't feel guilty for blocking out time for ourselves. We should be selfish at times and make it a priority to dedicate time to just do what our creative self needs to do.

Jamie challenges us this week to actually take time for ourselves. To not just think about self-focus but to experience it. To turn off everyone else and focus on ourselves and our creative explorations. Whatever that exploration is - reading, writing, beading, sculpting, exercising, dancing -- just go for it - just for ourselves -- we should be selfish.I'm dedicating my Sunday morning to self-focus. I'm going up to play with my beads and polymer clay. Just me and my craft - one of my favorite things to do. I'll worry about cleaning up my studio and basement later in the day - or later in the week, just not this morning.
My second goal in this challenge is to wake up a little early every morning and exercise. I want to be stronger by Spring but to do that I have to exercise. If I wait until I get home from work, there is always something else waiting to be done and I don't get to exercise. To make myself number one in this priority of mine, I'll create new time where no one else can take from it.


carin.c said...

Sunday morning is usually my dedicated creative time (yet here I am busy this morning reading up on blog posts, lol) I better get of the computer and get creating because the rest of this week will be a busy one for me. Hope you make something wonderful today and stick to scheduling in some creative time!

D said...

I love the idea of making exercise the first thing you do in the morning. What a great way to energize yourself.