Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rise and Shine

Open the windows! open the doors - it's 42 degrees F outside. after -10 to 18F degrees winter days this feels like a balmy Spring day!

I felt energized yesterday with the weather warming up and I had this urge to start cleaning. {{real unusual for me}} :) I cleaned up a book shelf area that had books and papers spilling out from it in a 3 foot area. All tidy and organized now. I should have taken before pictures.
I cleaned up my sewing area that had fabric, interfacing and thread scattered everywhere. Everything is in it's place now and the pretty fabrics are stored away in drawers. The before picture would have been a good contrast.

Spring fever has hit my house and it feels good.
I'm going to tackle my beading studio this weekend too but I want to buy a storage shelf to organize my polymer clay things better. I've been expanding in that venue and it's becoming scattered which then scatters my creative thoughts. I'll do before pics on that.


Brenda Heisler said...


That's what I do when it first feels like spring. Good job on those chores.

Check out Ikea for great storage ideas. I just bought 2 storage pieces for my stamps and polymer clay. They are great.

Post more photos when you get the next project done. We love that!

intothedawn said...

It looks good! Doesn't it feel so much better to find a place for everything and have everything in its place? I've been doing some of that in my workroom, too. Still need to do more, especially figure out the closet space.

Do post more pics when you do your beading studio! I love to see a person's workspace and how they organize, plus gives me ideas on how I can improve my own space.