Saturday, February 28, 2009

Itching to post

Sometimes I get so bogged down with just making it through each day that I don't take time out to blog. and then I miss blogging. So like Jeri at Artful Gathering, I'm resolving anew to blog more often. I feel so much more connected to the art world when I do. I truly enjoy blogging and reading other blogs - it's a shame there isn't more playtime for us all.

I have been very busy. I just had my baby toe operated on yesterday morning. I had a bone spur removed. it was between my baby toe and the one next to it and causing terrible pain. Fortunately it's a procedure done in the doctors office so I didn't have a huge hospital expense. Plus - even though he insisted there wouldn't be any residual pain afterward - I convinced him to give me a prescription for that wonder drug - Vicoden. So I may limping around, but I'm doing so with a smile on face.

That vicoden cam in handy last night. We had a bake sale / basket raffle fund raiser for the Leader Light Foundation of which I am a working member. We raised $1,800.00 that will go towards baseball equipment and sponsering a young boys baseball team. Next we are planning a 5K run to raise money for scholarships.

I was baking and decorating cookies for the 2 previous nights so I'm going to play with my beads and clay today.

I'll post pictures here a bit later today.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I hate working on taxes. blechhhkk.

there, I said it.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Secret #6 - Conquering Saboteurs

This weeks Secret to ponder was a tough one for me. We all hear them no matter what we do, but when I hear them in my own head it becomes very personal and very real.
My saboteurs are internal. Family and friends keep me going with their wonderful support.

I hear "Do you really think anyone will like this?", "I hope your doing this just for fun, you're not going to get anywhere doing this."

and it goes on and on. I keep pursuing my interest because I remind myself of what I told my daughter over and over: Don't give up, the people that have succeeded spent hours and hours and hours practicing. The really great ones, each artist in their own fields didn't just show up one day and were wonderful - they worked their way up from the bottom, they struggled and kept at it not because they were perfect but because it was their passion.

A knitted didn't pick up needles and knit a sweater on the first try. A quilter didn't create an heirloom bedspread on the first try. A painter didn't wake up one day and create a masterpiece on the first try. A musician didn't sit down and play a symphony on the first try (ok, maybe Mozart did).

I am still a fledgling, I don't have a fear of success, I just don't think my work is good enough...
but I have the determination to keep getting back to it and practice, practice, practice.

Sunday Morning Blog-hopping
A whisk and a spoon ** just the pictures alone will have you drooling.
Brown Dirt Cottage
Cottage Farm Villa

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Special Valentine Message

For my daughter - Happy Valentines Day Ann! I love you.

Many Thanks

I had so much fun with One World One Heart, it kept me very occupied for nearly a month. I have notified my 3 winners, so far I have received a response from only 1. Hopefully, the other 2 will respond within 7 days or I will draw another name.

I was extremely fortunate to win 4 prizes in the giveaway this year. I am soooo excited and thrilled I can't wait to get them. Each of their sites is well worth the visit.

Here is what I won...
From Ladybug I won the 14" x 14" quilted candle mat. She does beautiful work with fabrics.

From Twisted Hare I won a Barrette of my choice from her Etsy shop. That was a tough decision. they are all wonderful. I chose the barrette with the One Crow. I love crows - they like shiny objects just like me. I actually have a big crow sitting on my jewelry table to watch me while I work, so the Crow barrette was perfect for me.

From Sam I won a set of greeting cards. I can't wait to see mine. The ones in this picture are a sample of her work. I will display mine when I get them !From Jeri I won what she calls a Hanglie Danglie. It's sooo cute. I have a wonderful place to hang it on the wall in my studio. The one in the picture is a sample. Mine may be different. Again I can't wait to see it!

It's snowing AGAIN. I'm going to clean my house then play - I mean work - in my studio for awhile. I can't wait to get going.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Times UP

This is not only a very fun game, it's also the signal that the 2009 One World One Heart giveaway party has come to an end.
These are the winners of my 3 giveaways. I will send a message to each winner on their blog and they each have 7 days to reply to me with their email address so I can contact them to get their postal address.

ahem... Drum role please......

Prize #1 goes to bluegirlink.
Prize #2 goes to Eric. I was a bit surprised that a guy would be interested in my giveaway, but after reading his blogs I thought it was no wonder I drew his name. He's a loving husband and father and his family will enjoy his winnings - although he was drawn to win the book thong. That is something a guy can use.
Prize #3 goes to demmi.

Congratulations to all the winners out there. It's been a fun giveaway and wonderful to meet all of you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One World One Heart

Thank you all for entering.

Welcome to the Third Annual
One World One Heart !!
This is a STICKY POST - it will remain on top until Feb 12. My current day blogs are below this.



This is my third year participating in the wonderfully fun Extravaganza. From Jan. 19 through Feb. 11 people from all over the world blog hop around and meet each other. Each participant gives something away on their blog. The giveaway prize is usually hand made, many of our participants are artists from every venue imaginable, but the prize does not have to be handmade.

My Giveaway is open to anyone having an active blog anywhere around the world. You MUST leave a comment on this blog to be entered into my giveaway. I am starting with 2 giveaways. If I get more than 200 names in my comments on this sticky blog, I will add another giveaway. For every one hundred names, I will add another giveaway.

Feb 9 is the last day to leave a comment for a chance to win my gifts. I will draw the names the evening of Feb 11.
The winners names will be announced on February 12th and I will contact each winner to let you know you've won. Be sure I have a way to link back/contact you. Even if you are a blogger not hosting a OWOH giveaway yourself you are MORE THAN WELCOME to enter your name to win! If a winner does not respond to my contact by 2/19, I will draw another winner for that gift.

If you would like so see the entire list of participants or to join in on the giveaway click on the World logo to travel there.

Now to the fun stuff we've all be waiting for.... I have 2 giveaways - in no particular order

The first giveaway I made is an 18" chain necklace with a flocked black velvet heart pendant hanging with a small red shell heart. Included I made a pair of earrings using chain, shell hearts and red glass beads.The second giveaway I made is a book thong made with black leather, a flocked red velvet heart and black and red glass beads. I also made a pair of pink earrings made with fun acrylic beads and chain.I promised if I got more than 200 comments I would add another giveaway set and here it is.
This set includes a purse zipper pull/cell phone charm, star earrings and a pendant on a 24" ball chain.Good Luck and thank you for visiting. I hope you come back to visit soon !

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here we go.... the time is near...

It's almost time for the big drawing for One World One Heart. All over the world the giveaways will be drawn on Feb. 11. That is tomorrow! I will announce the winners to my giveaway on Wed. Feb 12.

I was able to enter almost 1/2 of the entrants. It takes a lot of time to visit everyone. How many prizes will I wi??? Is it too greedy to hope to win 5 giveaways! ? ! ohh, I hope not, I wish to win 5 (I really hope to win more but to say it out loud would really be too greedy so I'll stop at 5).
ok, one, I hope I win at least ONE.

good luck everyone!! good luck me. good night moon.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Secret # 5 - Committing to Self Focus

This chapter discusses the difference between narcissist self-love and a love of self in terms of selfishness. We aren't narcissist to take time for ourselves time for creativity - the key word identified is excessive - that's when it becomes narcissist. Being self-indulgent with our creativity does not make us irresponsible.

If I'm not working, I make sure we eat, clean and I share down time with my family, but in doing so I spend less and less time with my jewelry making. I haven't sat down for any good creative time since before Christmas. This chapter opened my eyes to see it's time to allow myself some self-focus. I need to understand and accept that I am not letting my family down because I enjoy

Secret #5 tells us that caring for everyone else and putting ourself second doesn't make us perfect. Giving all our time to family, friends and household with no time left for our creative selves blocks and stops our creative flow. That doesn't make us better. Taking the time to do what gives us joy will ultimately manifest more energy in ourselves.

We shouldn't feel guilty for blocking out time for ourselves. We should be selfish at times and make it a priority to dedicate time to just do what our creative self needs to do.

Jamie challenges us this week to actually take time for ourselves. To not just think about self-focus but to experience it. To turn off everyone else and focus on ourselves and our creative explorations. Whatever that exploration is - reading, writing, beading, sculpting, exercising, dancing -- just go for it - just for ourselves -- we should be selfish.I'm dedicating my Sunday morning to self-focus. I'm going up to play with my beads and polymer clay. Just me and my craft - one of my favorite things to do. I'll worry about cleaning up my studio and basement later in the day - or later in the week, just not this morning.
My second goal in this challenge is to wake up a little early every morning and exercise. I want to be stronger by Spring but to do that I have to exercise. If I wait until I get home from work, there is always something else waiting to be done and I don't get to exercise. To make myself number one in this priority of mine, I'll create new time where no one else can take from it.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rise and Shine

Open the windows! open the doors - it's 42 degrees F outside. after -10 to 18F degrees winter days this feels like a balmy Spring day!

I felt energized yesterday with the weather warming up and I had this urge to start cleaning. {{real unusual for me}} :) I cleaned up a book shelf area that had books and papers spilling out from it in a 3 foot area. All tidy and organized now. I should have taken before pictures.
I cleaned up my sewing area that had fabric, interfacing and thread scattered everywhere. Everything is in it's place now and the pretty fabrics are stored away in drawers. The before picture would have been a good contrast.

Spring fever has hit my house and it feels good.
I'm going to tackle my beading studio this weekend too but I want to buy a storage shelf to organize my polymer clay things better. I've been expanding in that venue and it's becoming scattered which then scatters my creative thoughts. I'll do before pics on that.

Friday, February 06, 2009

What is all the Twitter about ?

I've been seeing a lot of Twitter lately and curiosity has finally gotten the best of me. Geek girl that I am I need to see what the Twitter is all about. It's basically a mini-blog without all the bells and whistles. People update Twitter with the everything and anything they are doing. Just like texting a friend, but in a more global sense. Instead of writing it up in your blog, you can text from your phone and update friends and family instantly. It's just something created to use your cell phone texting even more. But I'm game to try anything, heck blogging sure has taken hold, maybe twitter will too.

I like bells and whistles (Geek girl that I am) but I've decided to try it out for awhile to see what it can do for me.
My Twitter name is 'dianas2743' -- easy enough for the people that already know me.
My life isn't that interesting or I'd blog more often. Twitter lets people know all the un-interesting things you do day to day. So if your interested in how dull life can be, follow my Twitter. ;)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women - Week #4

Before I start on Week #4, I'm going back to week #3. I had mentioned I was going to take a step and buy myself a book on polymer clay that I've had my eye on - well I went to the book store and found this instead. I don't expect to learn Metal Clay in a Day, it's packed full of techniques and ideas, but it's a catchy name.I book on PMC - Precious Metal Clay. I am fascinated by it. Week #3 may actually have triggered any creative move in my ever changing ideas. I don't have any PMC right now, until I buy some I plan on trying the techniques of design with polymer clay. I can't wait to try some out.

Week #4 - Surrendering to Creative Cycles
While reading this chapter I found myself nodding and agreeing with the book quite often. Yes, I definitely have ups and downs in my creative cycles. Sometimes because I'm just too busy, sometimes I actually want to try something new and I just can't approach my studio desk because it feels overwhelming, and sometimes I sit down to work and my mind turns totally blank - nothing sparks. The only thing I can do is walk away.

I often think about my next steps and what I want to make next. I think about what my hands will create while grocery shopping, working, cooking, driving. When I'm in a non-creative cycle, I scour magazines, books and blogs to spark my imagination. Sometimes seeing the work of others gets me going, sometimes I just have to wait a little longer and look around a little more. When I start to work on my ideas sometimes I'm happy with what I've made and sometimes the ideas just fizzle.

I was glad to read that everyone goes through times where their creative flow just doesn't have any energy. Mysery loves company? No, I just feel like I'm still on the right path to expressing my creative self when I see that it doesn't always have to be an up cycle.

For the last 2 weeks I haven't touched my beads or clay. I've been so caught up with One World One Heart that my work has taken a back seat. I miss playing with my beads and clay. I'm ok with that, I've got some fun ideas brewing. Now that I bought that new book, I'm even more excited about getting back to creating.

It's Sunday morning, but I'm not going to post any blog-hopping.
Just go to One World One Heart and you can find 798 blogs to visit.
I've made it to almost half of the blogs. There are so many interesting people out there, it's fascinating to see where everyone is going.