Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reading my nights away

yep, ok, so much for blogging everyday. that didn't last long.
BUT I've been very busy.
Some friends want to go see the movie Twilight and I really prefer to read the book before seeing a movie so every night after work, dinner and clean up, I've parked myself on the couch with the book Twilight and I've read and read and read. That book is 500 pages !! but I finished it in time for the movie this weekend! The story was pretty good, a bit of a stretch for my imagination, but well written.

I've been keeping my food portion control in check except for a terrible chocolate craving every night. it's my weakness, so I've been sneaking in M&M's while I read. just a small handful - I'm doing pretty good on portion control for my choco craves too.

I picked up the Barefoot Contessa's new book "back to basics" at the library today while returning Twilight.
I know she loves butter and lots of high calorie stuff but I thought I might try something from her book just for fun this weekend.

Since I've been busy reading this whole week my beading has been sitting patiently waiting for me. So I can't wait to go touch all my little pretties and make something special. Even my camera feels neglected. Hopefully I'll be back to normal next week. normal? is there such a thing?

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Janet said...

I always like to read the book first and then see the movie. I haven't read that one and I haven't seen the movie either. I'm not sure it would be my cup of tea! The other vampire author, Anne Rice, was never one of my favorites.

A few little chocolates now and then can't hurt. Afterall, don't they say chocolate is good for the heart!!