Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week #2 - Honoring Your Inspirations

I joined a group of bloggers who are following along together using the book, "The Next Chapter: 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women", monitored by Jamie Ridler. It's not too late to join in.

This week Jamie asks...

What have you always loved? What inspires you? Catches your eye? Makes your heart sing?

I love colors - deep and rich, bright and vibrant, soft and mellow. Color sings to me. When I am out walking around all the colors in Nature inspire me. The whiteness of new snow, the light green of budding plants, the deep true colors of high summer. I bring the inspiration home and use the song of color when creating my jewelry.

Textures inspire me too. Soft, rough, smooth, gritty, creamy, silky, dry.... it's another facet of creativity I bring to my jewelry.
Beads - I am inspired by beads. When I show someone my studio for the first time, they are surprised at my collection of beads. I am drawn to them where ever I go. Again, color and texture of the beads sing to me to pick them up and take them home. A few months ago I started to challenge myself by creating my own charms and pendants working with polymer clay. So far I am enjoying the process of learning something new and ideas are being born.
I can still remember my first favorite pair of earrings I wore when I was 13. I can even remember some of my sister's earrings and my mom's jewelry. At 13 I found joy in looking and touching - the colors and texture of jewelry. It's not surprising to me that I am now creating my own. I just wonder - what took me so long.
Textiles call to me also. I love ALL fabrics. I would love to have more time to be more creative with fabrics, but jewelry is my first love and textiles take a happy second place.

Jamie guides us along with the following...

"Give yourself the gift of alone time and explore. Let go of all your preconceptions and discover yourself anew. Try every radio station on the dial and notice what moves you. Walk down the street and pick the house you'd most like to live in. Go to a movie that you want to see - no compromises. Go to a clothing store and be outrageous in what you try on. You might surprise yourself!"
I already do some of her ideas - I pick out houses I would love to live in. There are many so I wouldn't be able to stay long in any one house, but it would be fun. Try different radio stations, yes, my tastes change as I pass though phases in my life. It's fun to find new ones and keep the old. Trying on outrageous clothes - I haven't tried that yet - maybe next time I'm out that will be what I challenge myself with.


Sacred Suzie said...

Beautiful! I love that you love jewellery and shared your story of your first favourite pair of earrings. :) I think it's just the coolest you make your own and wow, totally love that big fuzzy heart necklace! You are so talented.

Her Speak said...

That feisty necklace is too rad!
I'm totally on the boat with you: being drawn to beautiful colors wherever they are and being entranced by textures. Going to a fabric, craft store or flea market is like being in a candy store! I want to touch and play with all of it!

As for playing dress up--go for it! It's too fun! My sister and I will go out together on rainy days to try on insane dresses (that are usually beacoup $$$ too hehe!) and play "Pretty Princess" until we get weird looks from the staff. Tee hee! Be a Queen! :)

Also--the layout of your blog home is fabulous! It definitely reflects your love of color and texture. Rhinestones--Ah! LOVE it! Beautifully done.

Much Joy & Merry Making!~*

Kavindra said...

Feisty! I love that necklace. How neat that you have found exactly what you love, and you indulge it. That's delicious.

And your blog! Like Molly said.

It looks like you dressed her up to go out on the town, in a pretty blue summer dress and rhinestone jewelry. Fantastic, and a perfect reflection of your own passions.

intothedawn said...

I, too, am in love with color and texture! Its wonderful to find out that I'm not the only one.

Genie Sea said...

Shazam! I love your jewelry! I drooled when I saw the pink bracelet. My fingers tingled with the heart. I said a huge, "Hell Yeah!" when I saw feisty!

I want to wear your blog! :)

Sheila said...

Is the 'Feisty' bead one you made yourself or did you find that somewhere any of us might find it?

And I encourage the dress up day - sounds like you're cut out for it and it would you give you a grrrrrrrreat excuse to make another piece of jewelry or two to go with whatever outrageous wear you might find.

Lisa said...

I often wonder what took me so long, too, but isn't it wonderful that we finally got here! Yay us!

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

your love of color and texture is apparent in your pieces - so beautiful! keep being inspired and be sure to tell us of your adventures in the dressing room when you journey there!

Jamie said...

What an amazing image - turning song into jewellery. What treasures!

If you do try something outrageous on, be sure to take a picture and share! :)