Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Growing

I don't know how anyone is keeping up with One World One Heart. I've been trying to get to all the blogs and can only make it to about 50 a day. there are over 700 bloggers who have joined in the giveaway. I hope I can visit everyone by the time it's over, but with time constraints I'm not sure I will get to everyone.

This is taking a lot of time. I haven't worked on my beading, knitting or sewing since it started on 1/19. don't think I'll be doing much crafting this weekend either. Everyone is so excited to join in, I want to say Hi to them all.

Hope you take the time to visit some or all when you can. It's a lot of fun. Like a great big party.

Some updates, our kitty, Sly - not Jane - we are back to Sly (shhh, I like Jane better but G won)
kitty got neutered this week, she is recovering nicely. she got shots too so when the weather gets a bit warmer we'll feel good about letting her out. hopefully, she'll come back too. :)

We got another 12" (of snow) this week. So we're planning on a fire and relaxing tonight.
have a great weekend. I'll be right here blog-hopping.


Her Speak said...

It can be a real bite when there aren't enough days in the week! Don't fret, Do what you can. :) Sounds like an awesome project!

Much Joy~*

Puddle of Grace said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I was the second person to sign up for yours! Pretty cool on the Tae Kwon Do! My son is a green belt but is taking a break as he is getting used to full time 1st grade and cant do more than one sport at a time. Me on the other hand at 39 decided it was time for me to learn a martial art and two weeks ago I just finished learning the 64 steps in Tai Chi... I cant believe how much fun it is! Anyhow... Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend and please give Sly a kiss! We love cats in our home!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

enjoy the fire & relaxation - does sound lovely right about now.

oh. I like Jane, too. ah well.

and don't forget - OWOH is supposed to be about the fun and not the obligation. don't neglect that creative self of yours. :)

Ann said...

Don't feel bad--I'm in the same boat! I love visiting everyone, but I'm barely crafting at all! Hopefully once the cutoff date gets here, we can make a dent in that list!

Happy blog hopping! Stop by to visit me if you haven't already (#71). ;)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

OWOH has gotten out of control!
I have done it the last couple of years and it is a lot of fun.
For some reason my blog is not on the master link... despite 4 emails.
Oh well~ I'm glad you found me!