Sunday, January 25, 2009

Next Chapter : Secret # 3 - Follow Your Fascinations

The Keys listed for this Chapter are :
Taking Courageous Risks
Intuiting New Pathways
Developing Staying Power
Heading Your Heart

Theses keys tell us that in order to move forward we need to take calculated risks, challenge ourselves to go outside our comfort zone and trust our inner selves to follow the right path.

Our guide Jamie gives us two challenges.

The first from the book: get a clear picture of what en-courages you.
Most of my encouragement so far has come from my family. My sister U brought me into a shoppe and sold the owner on the idea of selling my jewelry on consignment. My sister A, probably my biggest fan, encourages my artist self to try new ideas. G encourages with his patience at how many hours I spend working on my jewelry. He gets me into my studio when I've been in a slump. He comes up with new ideas, suggestions to trigger my imagination. He even bought me a Dremel - a work tool that most men would question my need for it.

Reading the blogs and magazine articles of other jewelry artists encourages me when I find they started out just like me. Solely with a passion for beads and a love of jewelry.

Jamies second challengs is to take a brave step toward our dreams. One step - it can be big or it can be small, just take a step.
I've thought about this for awhile. I would like to keep advancing in my interest in polymer clay. I'm interested in creating my own beads, pendants, wearable art.

I found a book at the library that fascinated me. It was on working with polymer clay; designing, creating, ideas and concepts. I liked it so much I considered buying it on Amazon but couldn't talk myself into it - it just didn't seem necessary. It's been tickling the back of my mind. This week, I am going to order that book. My inner self keeps going back to it, I can't forget the book, so I will take that step, follow my instinct/my inner self guidance and order the book I've wanted for so long.We're still digging out and still getting more snow!Wow, Sunday morning already! It's time for some blog-hopping. I've been blog-hopping all week visiting many of the blogs that joined the One World One Heart giveaway. That is taking a lot of my free evening time, but I'm finding some great blogs along the way. I'm only half way through visiting the list of people who joined I can't wait to go visit some more.
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Kavindra said...

What a great support system! And yay for getting the book you want. Your inner self needs something to read too ;)

3rdEyeMuse said...

sounds like good people are in your corner.

perfect step - seems rather small, but making a purchase of a book like that could be a catalyst of unknown proportions. :)

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

so good to have people to believe in you - especially when one is YOU! I'm glad you are supporting yourself by buying the book. Keep taking brave thoughtful next steps!

Brenda Heisler said...

You'll love polymer clay. You can make wonderful beads with it. All artists love it. You'll see some beautiful items if you google polymer clay. Get the book and you'll be so glad you did.

Her Speak said...

I can't wait to see what sort of goodies you create! I've never worked with polymer clay--you'll have to be sure to let us know how your experiments go. :)

Much Joy, Merry Making!~*