Friday, January 23, 2009

Kitty update:
We now know that Baby, the stray kitty that we adopted, that now comes inside our home is a girl. She is in HEAT! poor little girl. we have locked her inside the house. she cries and cries and we know she doesn't have a clue why. So we've made an appointment with the VET and we told our little girl she is going to get "Tutored" next week. she is going to be very surprised.
Now that we know she is definitely a girl. We have officially named her Jane. Baby girl Jane.

I got a bit distracted on my health kick, but today I've cooked up some collard greens, then tossed them with tamari and brown rice vinegar. YUM. (if you like that kind of stuff) I do - G doesn't. more for me. ha.

So far 460 people have signed up for the One World One Heart givewaway going on until 2/12. Please click on the world at the top if you haven't done so yet. There are so many talented artists to visit. I've been trying to get to some sites every night. But I'm so GEEKY here is what I do.
I have a spreadsheet and I keep track of all the sites I've visited so I don't visit the same one twice. Then I also keep track of who has visited my site so when I make a list of all the names and cut them up to draw for my prizes, I don't create any duplicates.

I do the same thing with American Idol. I create my own spreadsheet and keep track of who is in and who has left and who and potential to win.

I know. I'm pathetic.


3rdEyeMuse said...

Jane. good name for a she-cat. :)

460 is A LOT. Guess that means I haven't even gotten through half the list. crazy. You are a smart girl ... would that I were that motiviated (to keep a spreadsheet).

Nita Butler said...

Love the jewelery. Please enter me in your drawing.


Kathy said...

THANK you so much for sharing your talents with a new blogger..kinda boring still! but love to read others.. your jewelry is just amazing!hope im a winner!