Sunday, January 11, 2009

A whole lot going on...

It snowed all day yesterday and we've ended up with another Winter wonderland. I love the starkness of all trees against all that white.
The kitten we were calling Baby is enjoying the indoors as much as the outdoors now. We have named him Sly, but still don't know if it's male or female. We will be bringing it to a Vet soon to have it neutered. Whether the cat decides to stay with us or not, we will have it neutered to do our part for the APL.

Here Sly is watching the snow fall. We were surprised to find this kitten loves playing in the snow. When we did let it out, G would make a small snow ball and Sly bats it around like a ball.
Sly layed down a bit later and watched G shovel the patio so we could put food and water out for the other strays that aren't so lucky to come inside. G shovels pathways in the lawn so the cats can walk since we had about 10" of snowfall. In the background you can see the neighbor kids sledding down our tiny slope. It's barely a slope but they still have fun on it.
We have a historic district in our town that has saved old houses and they are rented out for shop owners.
We went into town for breakfast yesterday and as G looked out the window he saw smoke coming from one of the houses that was converted into a French Bistro. After we ate we stood out in the snow storm and saddly watched as this old house went up in flames.
My sister knitted me a scarf for Christmas so I asked her to teach me to knit. ~~ Like I need another hobby ~~ but the colors and textures of the yarn have always enticed me. Here is my first project - third try, I have already ripped it out and started over twice because I keep losing stitches. The first one she called a clown tie and made me start over. The second on would get skinny, then fat, then skinny again so I started over AGAIN. so far, so good.
Lastly, here are some pieces I made that will go to the gift shop in the historic center where I sell my work on consignment. I will work on Etsy pieces later this week when I have more time.

Phew! that was a lot! Still have time for some Sunday morning blog-hopping ?


Janet said...

Sly looks cozy and comfy in that kitty bed! I think you might have a friend!

The snow looks beautiful from where I am! I like seeing pictures of it....just don't want any of it here.

All your creations are beautiful. I just learned to knit in the past few years and I still struggle with it. Crochet seems so much easier for me. Love the colors of the scarf!

IsabellasCloset said...

The snow does look so pretty.
How very sad about the lovely historic home going up in flames.
Your jewelry is gorgeous!!
Hope you have a delightful day,
~Mary~ :-}

Sacred Suzie said...

That's a crazy time you have been having! Fires run rampant this time of year. Last year we watched our neighbour's house fill and empty with smoke from a kitchen fire. Scary stuff! That's a ton of snow. We got a blizzard yesterday, can totally relate.