Friday, January 02, 2009

Here we go

Yesterday started off the new year quietly. I didn't leave the house. Puttering and playing was the game plan which is great for recharging.
Start the day with hot lemon water when you can. half a lemon squeezed into hot water - not boiling. Refreshes and recharges the liver and kidneys.

Then I cooked up some Quinoa and added dried cranberries for breakfast. The cranberries didn't work that well with Quinoa but I like their tartness so I ate them anyway. Plus they are sooo good for you.

For lunch I had my leftover Sicilian sausage and lentils. Dinner turned out great - even G loved the flavor combos. Hopping John Black eyed peas with brown rice, stewed carrot and butternut squash, skillet cornbread, collard greens. I broiled ham slices for G - I skipped the ham since I filled up on all the other goodies anyway.

I fell short on water. I ony counted 4 glasses of water - coffee and wine don't count for liquids :)
I need to work on that. I have an idea brewing that I'll work on this weekend.
Don't forget to exercise. 12 minutes walking - make sure the middle 6minutes gets you breathing hard. that's it - drag yourself to start up. I know I have to but when it's over you'll find it wasn't too bad.
I started some jewelry pieces yesterday. I'll do show and tell when I finish this weekend.
It's back to work for me today. So food will be a full ditto of yesterday since I cooked a lot of everything.


Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, those are amazingly healthy food choices! I am totally impressed and ashamed that I am about to make perogies with turkey bacon for brunch, LOL. Just joking! You are inspiring me to eat better.

Janet said...

You're doing great! Keep this up and you'll be healthy and fit and put the rest of us to shame!