Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stray Kitty Update

We are still feeding the stray cats that wander by.

The smallest one that I named Baby is growing up to be a gorgeous ALL black cat with gold eyes. Baby actually comes inside the house now for longer and longer visits. G bought a soft round baby blue kitty bed and the first time the kitten came in he walked over and curled right into it. amazing. The sliding door has to stay open or Baby gets extremely nervous so G make a cardboard slat to cover up most of the opening with a small cutout at the bottom so the kitty can come and go when he wants to. Our heater problem runs more often than it normally would but they are so helpless and cute.

The Cat Condo that G made has been claimed by our other favorite stray that he has named 'Chops'. shhhh... It's early morning and he is still curled up inside...Chops is older and we feel better knowing that Chops stays dry and relatively warm in these cold winter days. We think Baby sleeps under the chimney in the crawl space - we had a fire going last night so I'm hoping it was a bit warmer under there. When it's snowing or really cold we keep checking up on him and he is usually inside peering out of the windows G had smartly put into the Cat Condo. We'll be changing his sheets this weekend :) Clean towels and bedding. :)

Opening the curtains in the morning is a signal that it's time for breakfast. Meow.. I'm hungry..Yesterday during our ice storm I kept the curtains closed so they wouldn't come out of their protected spots and get iced up. Yep, see I just opened the curtains and out pops Chops...good morning Chops. Breakfast? is the coffee ready?


Janet said...

Oh, that's so nice of you to take care of the stray cats. So many people just let them struggle on their own.

My LuLu has a purple kitty bed just like that one. She loves it. And Chops looks a lot like our Harley!

Merry Christmas!!!

Julie said...

You are so good to those kitties! I think maybe Baby has a chance to trust you enough to let you adopt her!