Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On Twilight and kitties

I've heard so much about Twilight lately that I've decided to read the series. I want to read the first book before I see the movie so I can have a better understanding of what is going on with the characters. I placed my request online from my local library. I am number 281 on the hold list. That is crazy! Guess I'm not the first one to decide to get the book from the library huh.

I'm in no hurry. Heck, I still haven't seen the Sex in the City movie. I'm planning to rent that sometime this month.
The only movie I've bought in the last few years was The Grinch with Jim Carey. I love that movie. The humor, colors and costumes make it a classic. We watch it every year and it hasn't gotten old yet.

We are still feeding the kitties outside. somehow they are spreading the news, we now see 5 different cats show up from time to time. how do they send messages to each other? It's 27 degrees outside and they are starving by the time they show up at our house. G even heats up the food a bit in the microwave to warm up their tummies a little. They eat up every morsel we give them. None of them fight over the food if more than one shows up but they won't share the bowl either - they have to wait and take turns.
It's fascinating to watch. There are 2 that are so feral, if I make eye contact, they run away..... but not for long.


Sacred Suzie said...

Reading the book ahead of time will give you so much more subtext. I think people who didn't like the movie had not read the book therefore they found it boring. The book is such a quick read despite its size, I went through it in 3 days and I'm still working on other books I got for Christmas last year.

Esme said...

Thank you for feeding the kitties. You should visit House of Seven Tails-she is always taking in strays.It is quite the adventure at her house.