Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silver bells, it's Christmas time in the city....

I love this season, everything about it. I actually enjoy shopping for a gift that I can give to someone else. It doesn't have to be expensive for me to feel good about giving it. Just wrapping up a fun small toy brings joy.

I love the anticipation of cookie baking day. This saturday my sister and I will bake cookies together. Her 2 sons and our niece will join us this year and help with decorating the cut out cookies. I hope it snows ALL day saturday. that will make it even cozier!

I love coming home from work and lighting up the tree, the mantel and the outside lights. I even have one of those small flicker tea light battery candles for my manger. The statues stand around it and pretend it's a roaring fire to keep them warm. What ? statues pretending? ok, I have a good imagination. It keeps me entertained.

I love listening to Christmas songs. The same old songs year after year - it just doesn't get old for me. we have a station here that plays Christmas music 24 hrs a day now. they still have advertisements, but all the songs are Christmas songs.

I love writing out Christmas cards to family and friends. I don't write much in them. I just like to send them - who doesn't like getting a Holiday wish in their mailbox!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sights and sounds of the season as much as I am !!

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Julie said...

I am so glad you enjoy the holidays so much. I usually start out with little holiday spirit but somehow seem to gain it all back again along the way. That happened this year too, thank goodness!