Sunday, December 07, 2008

I dropped off a dozen of my bracelets to sell at our local Chinese Restaurant. The owner liked mine so much, after she bought 3 for herself, she asked if I would like to sell them at her store. I hope they sell well there!!
On the ongoing kitty saga....
G finished his cat condo creation last night and just in time too. It started snowing again yesterday and continued on through the night. We ended up with 2" of white stuff.

While G was putting the last touches on his home made cat shelter, I made a huge pot of spicy chili. Then I hung multi colored lights in the kitchen window, lit the tree and lights on the mantel while G got a roaring fire going. We then took the new cat house outside and hoped someone would have sense to use it for shelter in the swirling snowstorm.

By the time we finished eating our chili in front of the roaring fire, Chops and older hobo cat that visits us daily (G named this one - tried to get him to come up with something fun but he stuck on Chops) - anyway Chops had found his way in and was tucked up warm out of the wind and snow looking out the window G had put in. It was so comforting to see.

We got Baby (the little bitty one I named) to come inside a couple times last night to warm up. The problem with that is that if you try to close the door while Baby is inside she runs out before the door can close. So we had to keep the door OPEN -did I mention there was a snowstorm going on- but we did, we kept the door open until I got too cold. Then we'd open it a bit later and Baby would come back in to warm up. Who knows - someday maybe they'll trust us enough to stay inside. At least they get warm for a bit and some food in their belly.

Time for some Sunday morning blog hopping! There is nothing like blog hopping to get inspired.

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michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Ooh I love how Christmas-y you've made the place! And congrats on the bracelets and best of luck on more sales :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Way to go getting to sell the bracelets at the restaurant, of all places! She must really love your work.

Oh the kitty adventures are so exciting to read. I just love animal stories.