Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beating the Frizzies

It is amazing what a good haircut can do. I finally got my haircut on Friday - my hair was so dried out I could no longer control the frizzies. I looked like I was in a constant state of mess so I went to my favorite hair dresser for some hair TLC.

It feels so good when someone else scrubbs my scalp - why is that. The sensation of being shampooed just makes me smile and relax.

I love my new hairstyle. I found if you put the right kind product in your hair, you can look as good as the models in the books. I mean my HAIR can look that good - no hairstyle can make me look good enough for the movies. However, there is a cost to beauty. I almost fell over when I found out how much good hair product costs! I bought some small sizes and the good news is all it takes is the size of a pea for good quality product to get my hair to listen to me.
ok then, so I'm starting from the top down. Now, what can I do with these extra chins. :)
Fiddle de dee, I'll worry about that tomorrow.

It's time for Sunday morning blog hopping!
Wives with Knives (I just love this name)

2 comments: said...

What is the name of the miracle product!?? I'm a frizzer too.

Diana said...

Hi Karla, the product I use on my hair to control the frizzies is from Pureology - their SUPERSTRAIGHT line. my hairdresses used the shampoo and conditioner on me there, along with AntiFade Complex - I only purchased the AntiFade Complex because it is actually a Relaxing Hair Serum (for the frizzies). only use on hair shafts - starting at the bottom and working up - NONE on the roots. Blow dry using a round brush until nearly dry, then use a curling iron or flat iron to 'set' the straightness. it sounds like a lot of work but now I only have to wash my hair every 3 days cause it's not messy and doesn't look dirty or oily AND it stays straight and not frizzy. I use Redkin shampoo and he said that was very good to keep using. I also bought 'deeep' by 'Bumble and bumble'. a 20 min. once a week deep conditioner.