Sunday, November 30, 2008

Victoria Bliss

My Sis gave me a subscription to Bliss Victoria for my birthday. Perfect timing, my first month came in the mail yesterday! I'm trying to savor it, so rather than reading the whole thing in one sitting, I'm planning to only look through 4 - 5 pages/day. A treat to relax with when I get home from work. This month shows a lot of promise! We put the tree up last night so we are officially in the season. Every once in a while I would pick up an ornament to hang and it brought a wave of nostalgia. Quick glimpses of the enchantment of being young when everything was something new I hadn't seen before. I had a lovely time decorating the tree. I've even got the dining room table cleaned up - we use it for our wrapping table. Once again, Sunday morning is my quiet time. While G sleeps on I get up early to enjoy blog-hopping. Here are some fun ones I found this morning.

All About Pretty
Brocante Home
Fete Et Fleur
Make Life Sweeter
Okperi's Place


Sacred Suzie said...

Aren't you lucky! I'm asking for exactly the same thing, LOL. I missed getting the Christmas issue which was crushing. I'm going to subscribe no matter what, even if I don't get it as a gift.

It's such a treasure, isn't it?!

Wow, your tree is up already? Impressive!

Laura said...

Hi Diana, thanks for much for popping by, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog! I was reading your post on the kitties, boy can I relate. Last winter I ended up saving 2 strays, one I got captured and got fixed then found a perm home for him. I took in another beauty to find a home for because he was freezing and I had been feeding them both for about 1 month. Now a year later Bob is still living with me and my other 3 pets. Thanks for your kind heart for feeding those kitties! God bless you! Laura

Laura said...

wow, just noticed all my typos, I really do speak English. just tired and battling the flu.