Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeding the kitties

it's terribly cold out and it started to snain, raow, ok snow and rain.
We saw a cat hanging around our house and the neighbors a couple of weeks ago and started leaving cat food and water outside. We are now feeding 3 strays who stop by our back door for some kibbles. Poor little things, they are starving. They scarf up everything we put out.

One is the cutest little all black kitten ! I've named her Baby. She comes close and looks in the patio door but if you move toward her, she skits away like a frightened rabbit. I'm going to be worried about her all winter.Gary is going to make a small food shelter that one of them can hopefully crawl in and warm up when they're cold. It'll keep the snow off the food when we start getting some accumulation here. I keep thinking of the blizzard last winter with 2 feet of snow. Oh Baby, just come inside.

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Sacred Suzie said...

The poor things! Thank goodness they have you to help keep their tummies kind of full.