Friday, August 08, 2008


Work is a four letter word lately. I was actually asked to pick up another project - and since I'm already overloaded was asked if I would do it in my free time !?!!? what , does that mean when I'm home cooking dinner, riding my bike , what free time - I'm overloaded in projects while I'm at work. I said it wouldn't be free time, I would have to work longer hours. I received no response.

how much longer to I have to wait until the Universe answers my request for enough money to not have to work anymore ?
still waiting...

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Julie said...

I'm still waiting for the time I won't have to work!!! I am only half time most of the time and would welcome extra work (but not on my own time).

Put your foot down. Anything you do "on your own time" should be paid time, I would think, or would be a violation of labor laws. Check it out!!!