Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Universe

While my sisters and I were planning our short beach getaway we found a cute cottage that would have fit us perfectly. The realty agent said we had to wait to request it because we didn't want to stay the whole week and only wanted to pay for the days we stayed there.
When it was time to request the cottage - it had been picked up by someone else.So I said to my sis without the slightest doubt - don't worry, the Universe will find a place for us. It's there, we just can't see it yet. And sure enough - we looked a little harder and found a condo that may be a bit smaller but we will fit in it just find AND it costs less than the cottage.

It's all a matter of positive attitude.So when I say to the Universe that I am ready to win the lottery -
and I did this week
I WON Seven dollars in the Mega-Million lottery.

So when I say to the Universe that I am ready to win the lottery -
I mean the whole bundle in the Mega-million lottery. All $45 million in the Mega million lottery.
sheesh - how explicit does a girl have to get !!


Janet said...

I think you have to be VERY specific about what you want!!

That's great that you found the condo although a cottage sounds cuter....but at least you have a place to stay and I'm sure it will be fun. Enjoy!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Absolutely! I try and get as specific as possible (usually, LOL) when I do my dreamboards for that very reason. I won $6 the other day which is nice but I think it's time we won the jackpot! Not to worry about getting the dreamboard done by today, that's just fine. Don't rush, enjoy. It's supposed to be fun!

I'm so glad you found that condo and a good place to stay, looks wonderful to me!

Michelle said...

Hi Diana, I just stopped by to thank you for your lovely comment on my dreamboard (posted on Suzie's blog) and your blog entry gave me a wonderful smile! Congrats on your $7. win! (grin)

Yes, specifics are good. I know of a woman who was trying to manifest getting more attention in her life and ended up getting audited... be careful what you wish for... sometimes I think that the Universe just loves a great joke.

Hope you're having/had a wonderful time by the beach! Your photos are lovely.

Natasha said...

Sorry bout that Diana.. Better luck next time. :) Your posts are really fresh and original, AND great to read! I do wish you'd join us at! We're a site for slightly older women who believe in embracing transitions and change and making the most of our selves and our lives! Looking forward to seeing you!


Apple said...

I would love to be at the beach right now.