Friday, July 11, 2008

A Lurker

I have turned into quite the lurker lately. I love visiting all my favorite blogs and finding new ones off their fav's listings. Do you ever just not feel like leaving a message when you visit another blog? what? a mute blogger? yes, it's possible. I love summer and play so much by the time I'm on my blog, I'm just relaxing and tired out. so I lurk and smile and dream and have fun, but no one knows I'm there.

Maybe I'll just leave a Hi, Hello, good morning. it would be just like coming up on someone while riding my bike. A quick greeting just to know I see you, I appreciate you, it's nice to see a people smile back.

thanks to all my favorite bloggers for keeping me so well entertained when I don't feel like talking to anyone but want the company of friends.


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Sacred Suzie said...

Sometimes we need to be quiet. To just be the observer for a while. I'm just happy knowing you are enjoying yourself and are OK.

Julie said...

I understand completely how you feel. I have been more of a lurker than a commenter myself lately. This has been an extraordinarily nice summer here in ND and I want to enjoy every minute of it before winter comes all too soon. Have a wonderful summer yourself!

Blogging Without Obligation! YEAH!

Rinkly Rimes said...

You've salved my conscience! I'm still building-up a blogosphere of my own and I've been feeling guilty about 'lurking', getting ideas off other peoples' blogs. I'm only now taking 'commenting' seriously. Previously I've just felt it was 'better to take than to send'. I love your calm lamp photo. I must buy a better camera.