Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Wedding is ON

My daughter has decided to let the groom have his way. Nothing I can do, it's not my life, not my choice. I hope the marriage ends up happier than the planning.
It will not be an outside wedding. I told her she will be just as beautiful as a bride could be anyway. This will put a lot of pressure on the groom to be to make all the church plans, including organist, flowers and limo. I hope he's up to it. Enough - I can't stand to wallow on the negative. It's depressing.

We've found a photographer we like. one more item checked on the list.

Next is cake - the fun part - cake tasting. not a hardship for me there. :)

The plan : we'll pick 3 favorite places, purchase cake slices from each one. Then place them on plates marked on the bottom with where they came from. and pick the one we think tastes best. sort of like a blind taste test for the best flavor. Then the reception cite offers tastings of all their entree selections each week. I'll have to try one or five of those. :)

One more florist to do too.

phew. I'm going to need a vacation when all this running around is over. and a new diet after all the cake tasting. I'll have 10 months to get in shape before I need to try on Mother of the Bride dresses. That's plenty of time.

I hope to get back to my camera and taking fun photo's very soon too.

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Janet said...

Aahhh....the fun of planning a wedding! If you need any help deciding on cakes just let me know. I'm available for tastings!!