Sunday, June 29, 2008

Soldering 101

I took a jewelry soldering class yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but I was surprised at how much equipment was needed just to produce something. The tools used were easy to get, everyday tools (hammers, pliers etc) but there were 3 different solutions needed and a tumbling machine. it would be fun, but a bit of an investment. I'll stick with my beading until I have more time to dedicate to soldering.

here's the class:

and my fun Sunday morning blog-hopping -

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Fiber Art - I wish I had more play time - I would try things like this!
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Micki said...

Diana, thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. Also for mentioning my blog on your blog.

I like your earrings, I think they look great. I have tinkered around a little bit with jewelery making, but not this type which involves soldering. I took a quick look at your etsy shop. Nice items there also. said...

Yipppeeee!! I love soldering!! What fun!!!!! ;) Happy Mad TEa DAY!!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh I envy you! I have been meaning to learn how to solder for ages. Thanks for the inspiration, I may try this out now and those earrings you made are fantastic!

Petrus said...

This looks like a great hobby - go for it ...