Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. At some point Most of you had to go through a wedding process. I HOPE your mother didn't give your Bride as much grief as my daughter is getting planning her wedding.

For those Mothers of the Groom out there - it IS the BRIDES day - voice an opinion if you must - then walk away. The choices, the decisions do NOT belong to the Mother of the Groom. The Mother of the Bride gets to help her daughter - not you. Let the bride have her fun - you did - maybe.

Phew. what a week! My daughter came to visit on Thursday and we've been non-stop wedding plan/shopping for two days. It feels like 10 days.

We have managed to find the perfect dress for her. There were a lot of styles she didn't like so it was easy to sift through the hundreds we looked at.

We have the hall - it has a beautiful park-like setting for an outdoor wedding, even with a small bridge for photographs afterwards. Lots of trees and umbrella covered tables for guests. The reception room is big enough for 150 but set up smartly to remain cozy and comfortable. After looking at many, she fell in love with this one right away. It just fit her style.

We looked at cake styles and she knows what she would like, but we have one more bakery that she wants to visit - that's Monday's child.

We looked at flowers and still have 2 more florists to visit - maybe today.
Also today, we going to look at colors (for bridesmade dresses)- what's current now will hopefully be available next spring. we'll walk the mall and the fabric store to see what color she absolutely loves - so she can pick out flowers that won't clash.

and OMG ! I can't believe how expensive photographers are!! Holy shit. they are asking a ransom. We have a couple names we're going to call - another Monday child.

We're checking on DJ's today. I'm waiting for the price-tag shock on that too.

We've done a lot but only touched the tip of the iceburg - I know.
The worst of it is her INLAWs-to-be are already causing so much un-necessary grief. Whatever the bride chooses should not be a decision factor for them. Except that it boils down to religion. And they are so devout they can't even show up if the ceremony is not in the religion of their choice. They don't even like the date of 6/27/09. Too much summer activity going on with their family to have to stop for this one day. WHAT is that all about !!??!! It's one weekend - they need to get over it.

My daughter told her grandmother (her dad's mother) all her woes and her grandmother said this is her chance to walk away. (good incite - I had to laugh when I heard it.) Her grandmother said unless her fiance starts taking her side - the marraige won't be any different. My daughter has had this thought once before and called off the wedding once already- for basically the same reason - his controlling parents - and doesn't want to be the run-away bride just because of the inlaws. I feel so bad for her - but it's still too early for me to get involved in that mess.

Oh Well, we are making the best of it - and trying to have a jolly time of shopping and doing bride things. this is her time to be having fun - not trying to make someone else happy.

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IsabellaCloset said...

Diana, What a dear sweet Gal you are! You have such a great out look on life.. wish I was more like you.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me the great birthday comment and for posting my birthday here.
I've been through 2 weddings with my Daughters, in the end they turned out great.. but oh my gosh there were some very stressful times getting ready for them. So hang in there!
Blessings & hugs ~Mary~ :-}

bleeding espresso said...

Hey I'm a Monday's child too...tell me more ;)

This post, by the way, pretty much sums up why a wedding isn't high on my personal priority list...gah!