Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The bikes and a first

June 11 and we finally made it out for our first bike ride of the year. I think this is the latest we've started yet. G has been sick and the weather to cool up until last week so we held off. Tonight we rode our bikes up the library. It was wonderful, but we took it slow - I'd hate to pull a tight muscle on the first ride. I forgot my camera so I couldn't even photograph the inaugural ride of the year. oh well, next time.

Here we are at the Moosehead Hook and Ladder Restaurant, recently opened in our town. The weather was so cool before that the patio had not been opened. So when we requested to eat on the patio one beautiful evening, the hostess told us we were THE VERY FIRST to eat on their patio. woohoo - no free drinks though. too bad.

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Sacred Suzie said...

Very cool! Getting the first to be on the patio. Bummer about the drinks though. LOL.