Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yesterday truly felt like we made it out of winter. The patio table made it to the patio and the weather was pretty enough we could actually use it. It was great to relax and chat around the old table again. I even planted a rose bush and 2 perennials. The perennials shoot some spikey flowers up all summer - I'll have to go find their tags and save them so I know what I have. One plant is pink and one is blue. PLUS I planted my first dozen petunias - a whole mix of color, white, pink, red, salmon and purple !
My green beans started from seeds are ready to plant. If it rains all day today, I'll have to wait until I get back from Phoenix - so that will be 2 more weeks before planting them.
My tulips - which I planted in my herb garden last fall, are still strong and beautiful so I can't cut them down to plant my herbs yet.

I ALSO pulled all my summer clothes out of the basement and put all the winter clothes away.
The Moosehead Hook and Ladder Restaurant recently opened in our neighborhood so we ate dinner there yesterday. Since it's a converted old firestation, they kept with the firestation theme. Here's a couple photos. I should have taken an outside photo - their fountain is a leaky fire hydrant. It's really cute.

The Bar looks almost religious...

5 more days before I leave for PHOENIX ! ya! I can't wait to see my daughter again. Sis U is coming with me so the 3 of us will have a blast together. Sis A is welcome to join us if she want to, we are going out on Friday and returning on Tuesday.

While blog-hopping this morning I found this photo at The Party in Kai's Head and just HAD to copy it!Everywhere I stopped this morning, there was a tribute to mothers. Nothing caught my eye to share, so I'll just stop here and enjoy the day.


Janet said...

Happy Mother's Day!! That gas sign gave me a good laugh although it's almost true!

That restaurant looks fantastic. I love the stained glass window in the bar area. Hopefully the food was a s good as the decor.

Julie said...

We were finally able to eat outdoors Friday evening. It had been warm and terribly windy all day but the wind died down in the evening. Last night the wind did not die down so we had to eat inside. We practially live on the deck on the summer time.