Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Pirate Soiree !!!

Donna at the Ribboned Crown is hosting a Pirate Soiree. I just found out about it so I don't have time to plan for a big party, but you've GOT to see who attended. Donna has a whole list of people who joined in on the Soiree so you can check out all the blogs.

Make sure you go visit Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist , I had such a great time at her party!! Make sure you visit her pre-party post too, it's great fun too!

I usually do my blog hopping on Sunday morning, but since I took the day off yesterday I'm running a day ahead of schedule in everything this weekend. My laundry and weekend cooking are finished already ! I'm planning on re-organinzing a desk in my bead studio this morning, but I'm so glad I decided to blog hop first, I might have missed the party. I wonder what's in store for me tomorrow since I'm finishing up my errands so early ? I can wait -- I'm going back to the Pirate Souiree for more fun right now.

Stop by and visit A Musements and Du Buh Du Designs too.

It's still early in the day so many of the party's haven't started yet. I can't wait to come back and visit the rest of them.

Johnny makes an excellent Pirate, doesn't he ?? I adore him. In fact, talke about coincidence, last night we watched Benny and Joon - it's an old movie but nearly a classic. He is excellent in this movie ! well, when isn't he ?


Sacred Suzie said...

I think my heart melted to Johnny Depp when I was Benny and Joon in the theatre! I'm revealing a little bit of my age there, LOL. He has such a unique spirit and love that he plays such eccentric roles.

cd&m said...

Donna's Soiree could almost be a meeting of Johnny Depps' fan club couldn't it?

modmom said...

hello adventurous diana!

you won my method earth-friendly bathroom products giveaway :)

please send me your mailing address

Anonymous said...

Johnny is great in just about any movie. The first time I saw him was when I went to see "Platoon' and I stayed after to see the credits so I could see who he was (ok kinda superficial considering the theme of the movie). He's just fun to watch. Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Soiree!


thanks for the mention :)